Government of Trudeau and NDP pressure..Reason?

Amidst the deteriorating relations between canada and india, it is important for you to know why PM Justin Trudeau is inclined towards Khalistan supporters and what does it have to do with the history of Sikhs in Canada.

When elections were held in canada in 2019, Justin Trudeau's party fell away from majority. Trudeau's Liberal party got the maximum of 157 seats but was 20 seats away from the majority. In such a situation, there was only one option before him… alliance with NDP. NDP got 24 seats in this election. Trudeau formed an alliance with the NDP to save his chair. Now there is always pressure from the NDP on Trudeau. NDP is the party which has full support of Khalistan supporters, in such a situation, Trudeau is forced to keep making such absurd statements to please his partner and his supporters.

By the way, Justin Trudeau's father Pierre Trudeau also does not have a special relationship with India. Even when Pierre Trudeau was the PM of canada, Khalistani were flourishing there. india objected to this several times and demanded action from the government there against such terrorists, but every time the then PM Pierre Trudeau ignored this demand. The result of this was the bomb blast in air india Kanishk in which hundreds of people were killed.

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