A copyright lawsuit has already been filed by the music group "Thaikudam Bridge" against the creators of Kantara, claiming that the song Varaha Roopam is an exact replica of their Navarasa song. The tv station that first broadcast the Navarasa song in kerala afterwards complained about Superstar prithviraj Sukumaran for this song. Why, you ask?

Actually, prithviraj also runs a distribution business, and that business has screened Kantara in every Keralan city. For violating copyrights, the parent firm that runs the tv station has filed a case against Prithviraj. The Superstar actor and director afterwards stated to the court that he is only a distributor and not a producer involved in the creation of the film or that music. And as a result, the petition against him was postponed by the kozhikode Court.

In the meantime, the supreme court has overturned the kerala High Court's order from a week ago that hero-director rishabh Shetty and producer Vijay Kirangadur should not screen their film Kantara with the Varaha Roopam song. While rishabh and Vijay were being questioned at the kozhikode police station, the sc ruled that they would be released right away even if they were detained. These are the changes that have occurred in the Varaha Roopam copyright infringement case over the past two weeks.

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