Update on SarathBabu's properties split..!?

It is known that famous actor sarath babu passed away recently. Because he has no children? Who owns his properties? That's when the stories started in the media. And has sarath babu acquired huge assets? That means yes. It is known that sarath babu has passed away huge assets. They are reported to own villas in metropolitan cities. Big cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore have very valuable properties. It is heard that he bought huge lands..they fell to thousands of crores. In this background, there is a heated discussion about who will own Sarath Babu's assets.
Sarath Babu has 8 brothers. He has five elder sisters. sarath babu is the third among them. The elder brother died a few years ago. sarath babu used to take care of his other siblings. He would help anyone who needed any help. In this context, have Sarath Babu's properties been named in anyone's name? Did you write something like a will? There are stories in the media.Sarath Babu's brother Madhu recently responded on this issue. It is not correct to talk about asset transfers at this time. It belongs to whomever he writes to. Which of them can claim for brother's property? All of them are a joint family. They know what to do. They will open the lockers after the completion of the 12th day. If the will is written, they will go according to it. Don't think anything if the will is given to one and not to the other. Even his elder brother did not take any of the acquired property with him, he said.

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