Superstar dhanush just released the telugu and tamil bilingual smash "Sir," and he is presently working on the forthcoming tamil action-drama "Captain Miller." Despite this, he has become the target of online trolling because of his most recent appearance, which is obviously spectacular. However, the new looks have shocked most of his fans as they have become new Troll material.

Recently, the well-known actor was photographed at the mumbai airport sporting a new look that included a thick, lengthy beard and long hair. His street-side ghetto attire of a purple hoodie and jeans drew several comments from watchers. Many people were astounded by how much he had changed, and some even made comparisons to the well-known spiritual figure baba Ramdev. The majority of spectators appreciated the actor for his bold choice of clothing, writing things like "Killer Miller," "Baba Ramdev Biopic Loading," "Baba Ramdev Pro Version," and many other things.

After 2015's blockbuster film "Maari," dhanush will portray two roles in the next film "Captain Miller," offering viewers another chance to see his incredible acting abilities. Unquestionably, the public is ecstatic to witness him playing two roles. Stay tuned for more updates.

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