Popular actress Keerthy suresh was the subject of rumours about her love life and marital status. An image of Keerthy twinned with Farhan, a real estate agent working out of Dubai, went viral, leading to rumours of a future union. Keerthy quickly refuted these allegations, making it clear that Farhan was only a buddy. She responded to the false charges on social media by giving a thorough explanation.

Following this, Keerthy's father, suresh Kumar, made a video in which he expressed his family's concern over the spread of unverified information regarding their daughter's marriage. suresh Kumar emphasised the delicate nature of such subjects and pleaded with the media to hold off from disseminating unfounded information. He further promised that they would let everyone know when the wedding date had been decided.

Surprisingly, a bjp politician from kerala posted this video on her social media page, which caused it to go viral. bjp supporters reposted the video on their own profiles, gaining thousands of likes and views in the process. It's important to note that Keerthy's family supports the BJP. Keerthy's family has denied recent rumours that she joined the bjp, which suggested that she did.

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