The newly released movie Memo was created on a very tiny budget, and the money was only made back through non-theatrical rights. The estimates for box office are good, but when a movie opens in theatres, it is not enough to argue, "We got the money before release only so the movie is a blockbuster." In order to qualify as a theatrical blockbuster, the picture must also do well in cinemas, and the production crew must acknowledge that no one will have the same view about it.

At the very least, they should be aware that their film is not an epic with excellent material after it has been released. They've just released a passable movie, so it's common to hear conflicting feedback from viewers. Trolls on social media are also frequent; even for successful movies, there will occasionally be trolls who bash the storyline or criticise specific scenes.

The Mem Famous team, however, is unwilling to accept this and is attempting to attack the viewers who respond negatively by claiming that they should act positively and delivering advice, such as don't lead a life filled with negativity. The Mem Famous team's actions are turning into a lot of social media troll fodder.

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