Megastar Chiranjeevi's shocking admission regarding his health surprised everyone. chiranjeevi said that he had non-cancerous polyps that might develop into potential cancer during the opening of a hospital. He was able to detect them thanks to early diagnostics, and he received treatment when it was necessary. chiru added that if cancer is identified early on and is given the appropriate care, it is curable.

According to chiranjeevi, "Some of my fans had cancer." cancer should be understood by everyone. I used to believe that because I regularly workout and eat well, I would never get sick. However, you can never think that way. Recently, I had a colonoscopy at the AIG hospital, and it revealed polyps. If ignored, they may have developed into cancer. Such polyps were two of mine. I had surgery to remove them. Because of awareness, I was able to prevent contracting cancer; otherwise, I'm not sure how I would fare in two to three years.

I am not frightened to reveal this, he continued. Genomic testing can be used to find cancer. I'll do my part to raise awareness of cancer. hyderabad ought to be a center for the fight against cancer. chiranjeevi is saying that being screened for cancer at an early age can help prevent it. But because he "suffered" from cancer, many people misconstrued what he was saying. When the media began claiming that "Chiranjeevi suffered from cancer" and "survived due to good treatment," chiru stated as much in a tweet.

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