The Surender Reddy-carved Akhil's "Agent" is one of the latest tragedies that has seriously rocked Tollywood. Many moviegoers and even reviewers believed that the project would be at least a moderate success, but it ended up being a flop. And it appears that problems are still troubling the film today.

The OTT channel, which paid a hefty sum for the rights to Agent, reportedly requested a sleek edit from the film's director Surender reddy so that it will at least function in the hindi dubbed version. The OTT team is reportedly dissatisfied with how things are developing, despite the director having made a few cuts. The filmmaker is alleged to have stressed that he is unable to make any further edits to the original version and that whatever he has imagined is superior and more attractive.

On the other side, it is rumoured that the OTT team hired a few editors to recut the film so that the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital release will be successful. According to reports, the platform paid a lot to acquire the rights, ensuring that its subscriber base would significantly increase. However, it won't work with this movie any more until a recut version sparks a blockbuster buzz. That seems feasible. We'll see.

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