How does Sudden Rush of Mythological Dramas work?

In legendary dramas, the saying goes, "When you can play with people's emotions, you can change their intention." One of the most eagerly anticipated films is Adipurush. Om Raut, working under the auspices of AA Films, is the film's director. prabhas plays Ram, and kriti sanon plays Sita. One of Hinduism's most important epics, the Ramayana, provides the source material for the movie. The movie will be released soon since a new rumour has emerged before it does.

Alia Bhat and Ranbir Kapoor, a newlywed pair in bollywood, will star in "Ramayan" under Nitesh Tiwari's direction. People's emotions are touched by ethical films, but why hunger for them so intensely when there are already so many serials and films that have been produced and have attracted so much attention? The situation will nevertheless continue, and viewers will continue to see the same thing from other angles. By copying South Asian films, it appears that the bollywood industry changed the way films are made to be more ethical.

The creation of mythological dramas has suddenly increased, and it should be noted that this may be the result of political pressure or deliberate action on the part of some political organisations. As elections approach, it appears that the film industry is advancing the political agenda. Even if CGI allows for the creation of any personal representation, a film will unquestionably succeed if the emotions are well expressed. We have seen in the past that many films that were released just before elections and went on to become great hits will likewise apply to upcoming films, or they will fail.

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