The South indian film industry is renowned for having the best dancers as actors. The top dancers from the South in the last ten years have been allu arjun, NTR, and ram Charan. Other actors that can dance well include Vijay, ram, Dhanush, and others. In a recent interview posted on a YouTube site, actress Shaam (of "Kick" fame) claimed that Thalapathy Vijay is the best dancer. He continues by saying that Vijay is unmatched and that whatever he does is at a higher level. Vijay is a better dancer than allu arjun, he continues, and allu arjun will admit as much.

Social media users are sharing this clip, and tollywood fans are heavily trolling Vijay. Shaam is also receiving criticism for making such an idiotic claim. "Vijay made a success by replicating mahesh babu flicks and mimicking allu arjun routines," stated one allu arjun fan. His poor acting and dance motions ruined all those movies and dance routines. Many said that Shaam was only trying to curry favour with Vijay in order to land roles in his movies. 

If this were the case, they argued, even a little child would be able to see that allu arjun is far superior to Vijay when it comes to dancing. social media users enjoyed posting videos of Vijay imitating Allu Arjun's dance routines.

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