The telugu public has recently started embracing content-focused movies regardless of language. One of the clearest examples of this is the just-released film "Kantara." Even though the film starring kannada actor rishabh Shetty was fully based on the customs and cultures of Karnataka, the telugu audience showered the movie with the same adoration and helped it become a hit in Tollywood.

This helped the well-known tollywood producer allu aravind realise that only quality content can make a telugu movie successful. On that topic, allu aravind had just released the telugu version of the popular malayalam movie "Malikapuram." The principal part in this malayalam movie was portrayed by Unni Mukundan, who also played the villain in Samantha's most recent film, "Yashoda" and a pivotal role in Anushka's "Bhaagamathie."

The plot centres on Unni Mukundan, who is rumoured to be a Hindu religious drama and who is incredibly eager to travel to Sabarimala. The movie, which centres on ayyappa Swamy's followers and the revered ayyappa Mala, also features family and child-related themes and became a hit in Kerala. The film was also dubbed and released in telugu, however Allu Aravind's lack of promotion for the movie became a big topic. The film unit travelled to chennai to promote both the tamil and telugu versions, but no similar event was held for the telugu version, and the majority of viewers are still not aware of the film.

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