Amanda Bynes, an American actress, was photographed walking about Los Angeles naked. She was given mental treatment. In addition to her roles in "What A girl Wants" and "She's The Man," Amanda Bynes is well known. She apparently exited the vehicle without wearing anything and informed the driver that she was recovering from a psychotic episode. She dialed 911 on her own, and a neighboring police station was the destination.

A mental health professional advised that she should be admitted to a mental hospital. Amanda Bynes, who also suffers from bipolar disorder, will be looked for a few days. In the past, Bynes battled mental illness and substance abuse. Bynes was given a conservatorship, which was terminated a year ago.

Bynes was reportedly observed roaming around downtown Los Angeles early on sunday morning without any clothes on, according to an eyewitness. According to reports, Bynes flagged a car down and informed the driver that she was recovering from a mental episode. Then Amanda made her own 911 call. According to our law enforcement sources, a mental health team at a nearby police station decided that Bynes ought to be placed on a 5150 psych hold after she was taken there.

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