What a disgusting boast..! Superstar tore off Ilayaraja..!?

Musician ilayaraja is a symbol of indian music and has composed music for more than 1500 films so far. He has won many national awards. However, in this era, he is competing with young music composers and is still committed to many films. There have been many controversies about ilayaraja for the past few years. As a result, netizens have started calling him the king of controversies rather than Ilayaraja. To that extent, he has been showing a bit of arrogance lately. Even in the condolence message published by actor and director Manobala a few days ago, no one could tolerate the braggadocio.
But many famous people have put forward many criticisms about him. Especially now, a video of Rajinikanth tearing Ilayaraja's veil on stage is trending on social media. Valli is a 1993 film written and acted by Rajinikanth. To this day it is said that ilayaraja is the music composer of this film. But actually, Ilayaraja's son karthik raja composed the music for that film. Rajinikanth, who is well aware of this, publicly put it on stage. In other words, Rajini has asked ilayaraja to compose music for the film Valli. Is it enough for karthik raja to compose the music instead of Ilaiyaraaja? He has asked. Rajini said whatever you do is right. After that, karthik raja composed the music for the film.

Rajini revealed this on stage before Ilayaraja. When Rajinikanth said that on the stage, ilayaraja did not know what to do. Not only that, Ilayaraja's music has produced many songs that keep the fans hooked. One of the thousands of such songs is the song 'Ennulle Ennulle' featured in the film Valli. Ilayaraja's son karthik raja has actually composed the music for this song. But till date, ilayaraja is bragging about not giving him that honor. netizens are bashing ilayaraja saying how much of a disgrace this is.

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