Adipurush, starring Prabhas, attracted a lot of criticism after its first look teaser, but the film's creators made every effort and were now successful in shielding it from criticism. Adipurush creators made several changes to it, including the posters, colours, and artwork. Additionally, with less than two weeks to release, commercial discussions are continuing with intriguing data.

It is already known that Peoples media Factory paid a staggering Rs 158 Cr + GST to acquire the rights for Andhra and Telangana. Selling the rights to regain it is now their major responsibility. In the guntur and nellore regions, uv creations is being released.

Peoples media set the prices for all areas, with Andhra paying 70 crore in non-recoverable advances, Nizam paying 60 crore, and Ceded paying Rs 25 crore NCA. Even while conversations are ongoing, these rates are mostly set. The Nizam rights would either go to dil raju or Mythri films. There are two to three prospective purchasers lined up for the Ceded Area.

Adipurush is now expected to be a success, but if it falters, the wholesale buyer might experience recovery difficulties. Peoples media also intends to recover at least the sums spent. The closing business of Adipurush has become a fascinating issue in business circles due to the large sums of money and discussions.

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