Prabhas manages a number of film projects while still fulfilling his obligations as an actor. "Salaar," one of his most awaited movies, was initially scheduled for release on september 28 but has now been delayed owing to post-production bottlenecks. prabhas is reportedly travelling to a foreign nation for a vacation in the meantime.

After it was determined that "Salaar" would be delayed, prabhas travelled abroad. Although the precise reason for his trip has not yet been made public, rumours indicate that he may have gone abroad for knee surgery. However, according to other reports, prabhas has been working nonstop for the past few days and simply wanted a break.

Prabhas has been actively involved in filming two other films while "Salaar" was delayed. One of them is Kalki, played by Nag Ashwin, and the other is facing Maruthi. prabhas will continue his shooting obligations in accordance with the previously scheduled times once he is back in India. Post-Baahubali, all the movies of prabhas have got persistent delays and prabhas seriously needs some retrospection. But, he is in vacation mode and never cares about his producers. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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