Not only has the release date been announced, but natural star nani is also following through and heavily marketing his movie so that it will be well-received when it is released in December. We're referring to the hero's "Hi Nanna," which will be released on december 21 and is directed by debutant Shouryuv. While the marketing for films coming out in october hasn't yet begun, nani has already begun it for Hi Nanna. And that puts his future intentions in the public eye.

In fact, everyone is curious to see what movie nani will work on when "Hi Nanna" opens in theatres. He has to begin shooting the criminal comedy directed by vivek Atreya as well as the subsequent movie from dasara director srikanth Odela, as we previously mentioned. Unexpectedly, the film directed by Cibi chakravarthy in tamil was also picked up for production. None of these filmmakers currently have any clarification from nani regarding which picture would be announced first.

Although the release of vivek Athreya's film was planned to coincide with the approaching Ganesh Chaturthi, it has now been delayed. Even srikanth Odela doesn't anticipate the release of his movie any time soon. We must wait and watch whatever movie nani would choose following Hi Nanna.

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