Suhana Khan is ready to make her acting debut in 'The Archies,' a Netflix feature. Along with her, Khushi Kapoor and agastya Nanda will dabble in the performing profession. A new video shows the film's female actors rehearsing skating for a song called 'Dhishoom Dhishoom,' which appears in the film. Suhana, Khushi, and Dot were seen tripping during practise in a behind-the-scenes (BTS) film. Filmmaker zoya akhtar, on the other hand, applauded them for getting back up after each fall.

Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, and Dot's 'The Archies' song 'Dhishoom Dhishoom' has the female ensemble floating away and practising their dance moves while wearing roller skates. Suhana, Khushi, and Dot are shown stumbling and falling during practise sessions in a behind-the-scenes film. But every time they tripped, they got back up and started over.

Suhana Khan is making her singing debut with her first song, 'Jab Tum Na Theen,' which is part of the film 'The Archies.' Suhana thanked filmmaker zoya akhtar and musician shankar mahadevan in an instagram post for their help with her singing debut. She also begged her fans to welcome the song with open arms.

Suhana captioned an image of herself singing, "I sang my first song!!" Thank you for your patience, @zoieakhtar and @shankar.mahadevan. Please listen with patience (sic)."

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