Actor babloo Prithviraj, who fell in love with a woman 30 years younger than him and got married, spoke about the break-up for the first time in an interview. Babloo, who is popular for playing hero-like characters and Gunachitra roles in many films in the South indian film industry, stepped into serial action when film opportunities were scarce. His serial 'Kannana Kanne' was aired on sun TV and received a huge response. Although on one side he is PC in acting... on the other side he is mixing in business, he is not only running a restaurant in chennai but also doing business in Malaysia. When he used to go to malaysia for business, love blossomed between him and a girl named Sheetal. When this information came out... babloo who confessed his love... is said to have married sheetal 7 months ago.

The two, who were a hot couple on social media, are now reported to have parted ways due to differences of opinion. Although there is no official information about it, the two have removed videos and photos of the two of them together from their social media accounts. Similarly, on Sheetal's instagram page, a netizen asked if you had broken up in a comment, and sheetal liked the comment. Recently, Babloo, who participated in an interview, answered many questions asked by the host. He said, "I haven't done anything wrong. So I don't hesitate to talk to people. Life always teaches me something. What to do... and what not to do. I'm a fool if I don't understand this and that."

Now I am going to focus on my career, beauty and fitness. He has said that I want to live so that people can appreciate me. Especially not going to wash my dirty clothes in public... Personal is personal and nobody needs it. Likewise, 10 people will support whatever I say. I also know that 10 people will wash and pour.


Are you going to be single anymore? When asked the question .. I have never been single. I was born with three sisters. I went to school with girls. He said that I have many female friends.

Regarding the question raised about the problem in the relationship ship with Sheetal... did you ask me about this..? Did you ask Sheetal? Following this, sheetal was present at your birthday celebration last year. As for Sheetal's absence on this birthday, last time I spent 11 lakhs on my birthday alone. This time I could not enjoy any celebration as I was PC in movies.

He also said that he celebrated his birthday with director Myshkin. As he obviously does not want to talk about his personal life, the netizens are commenting that the love that was burning between the two of them despite their age has gone out.

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