When a film's release date is approaching, the frenetic promotional tours and other media engagements will undoubtedly generate a lot of talk. Recently, the "Animal" crew has been all throughout india promoting their film, and today they have seen massive openings. There's a fascinating debate going on in film nagar right now about an actress who is believed to be helping producers.

From the start, it has been revealed that heroine Mrunal Thakur, who rose to stardom with the Sitaramam film, has not set aside enough dates for "Hi Nanna" advertising. While nani has been busy filming many interviews over the previous 20 days, Mrunal mentioned scheduling conflicts and has only been there for a handful of days. While nani is advertising the film, Mrunal has been seen visiting diwali bashes in mumbai, leaving fans perplexed as to why she is not promoting the film but instead attending parties.

And, in a few days, she'll be in the united states for the filming of "Family Star," leaving no time for Hi Nanna advertising. Simultaneously, because to the actress's absence from hyderabad, dil raju recently relocated the FamilyStar song shoot to Mumbai. One may ask why the actress is unable to travel to hyderabad but is accessible for filming in mumbai studios. If things continue to go this way with Mrunal, it will undoubtedly send the wrong signals to Tollywood, causing producers to keep her at far and out of the picture.

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