IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited, a Mumbai-based company, has issued bjp mla M. raghunandan rao a 1000 crore defamation notice for his reported claims that the company engaged in corruption to win a 30-year contract for toll collection on the Outer Ring Road (ORR), as well as for the claims that it was responsible for the murder of an RTI activist. Due to Raghunandan Rao's ex-facie defamatory remarks and resulting damage to the company's name and goodwill, the company has demanded that he pay Rs 1000 crore in damages.

Additionally, the company has requested that raghunandan rao retract any disparaging remarks he may have made in public and extend a formal apology to it and its representatives. raghunandan rao was forewarned by the company that proper civil and criminal processes would be started if he didn't comply.

Raghunandan Rao recently claimed that anonymous IRB Infrastructure Developers officials murdered an RTI activist because the activist had questioned the company's conduct. raghunandan rao stated, "The cbi investigation into the murder of the RTI activist is proof that IRB will go to any length to silence anyone who questions it.

The bjp mla has since received a defamation notice from the corporation as a result. The notice went on to say that Raghunandan Rao's statements, accusations, and insinuations against its client not only demonstrate egregiously irresponsible behaviour but were also a malicious act intended to damage the client's reputation and its business for the sole purpose of advancing his own political agendas.

Even though the officials who were wrongly implicated had been given a clean bill of health in the case of the murder of the RTI Activists by the cbi, it was claimed by the company management that raghunandan rao had falsely accused it of committing the heinous crime of murder.

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