On Saturday, the hyderabad Metro rail introduced fees for using the restrooms at a few metro stations with high foot traffic. The public restrooms at these metro stations have been given to Sulabh international for toilet upkeep and user fee collecting. It has been agreed to charge passengers at metro stations Rs 2 for using urinals and Rs 5 for using the restrooms. The plan to charge users at metro stations has been confirmed by senior HMR officials.

A mixed reaction has been received to the decision to levy user fees on the general public, with some arguing that the fees would go a long way towards maintaining public restrooms in metro stations, particularly those that see a high volume of daily commuters.

A captivating collection of AI-generated photos representing metros all throughout the nation has captured audiences' attention, thanks to artificial intelligence artist Sahid. The inventive works of the artist exquisitely display the distinctive fusion of heritage, gastronomy, culture, and growth in numerous towns and States. hyderabad stands out among the highlighted cities because Sahid's creative vision vividly captures the spirit of the city in an AI image that shows passengers on the hyderabad Metro enjoying the much-loved local cuisine, biryani.

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