According to IT and industries minister KT Rama Rao, the 'The State of India's Environment 2023: In Figures' report from the Centre for Science and Environment and Down To Earth has once again confirmed Telangana's superior performance in terms of overall environmental performance, particularly the growth in forest cover and in municipal waste treatment.

The minister said telangana was now a role model for the nation and congratulated the people of the State for receiving CSE honour. In a statement released here on Sunday, he said that this acknowledgment demonstrated the telangana government's dedication to protecting the environment at a time when the State's centenary celebrations were in full swing.

With his vision, chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao gave environmental protection high priority and started the Haritha Haram plan to raise the State's green cover from 24% to 33%. According to him, a significant increase in green cover had been made possible by effective execution and commitment to guaranteeing the survival of saplings.

Against a goal of 230 crore seedlings, 273 crore saplings have been planted in the past nine years. The State's forestland covered 19,854 square kilometres in 2015–16, and 26,969 square kilometres by 2023. According to the Forest survey of india 2021, Telangana's green cover had risen by 7.7%.

The State government also built 15,000 nurseries, 19,400 Palle Prakruthi vanams, and 2745 Bruhat Palle Prakruthi vanams in rural regions around the State in addition to the forest cover.

Similar to this, 180 urban forest parks were built for Rs. 700 crore. hyderabad was acknowledged as the World's Tree City. In addition to this, the minister claimed that the New panchayat raj Act, Municipal Act, and establishment of Haritha Nidhi (Green Budget) were all presented.

He said that the State administration has also adopted the finest sanitation management practises. In order to assure the scientific disposal of garbage, municipal corporations and municipalities began the biomining process.

In hyderabad, waste-to-energy generated about 24 Megawatts (MW) of electricity, placing telangana second in the country. The State also takes the lead in producing power from non-conventional sources. The minister stated that solar energy production has grown from 74 MW in 2014 to 5,865 MW today.

"It is a source of pride that the youngest State came in second in the nation for solar energy production. It is evidence of Telangana's dedication, according to Rama Rao.

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