Every saturday in the State will be designated as "Re Think Day" to encourage Urban local Bodies (ULBs) to reuse and recycle waste products. The "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" (RRR) project must be supported and promoted by ULBs in their various jurisdictions, according to directives issued by the State administration on Tuesday. Every saturday between 8 and 11 am, the ULBs will launch a number of initiatives to raise public awareness of the rrr scheme. At the planning level in each ward, talks on trash management and recycling activities would take place throughout the course.

The rrr will be included to the Self Help Group(SHG) group meeting agenda in accordance with the directive. The ULBs will take action to make sure that permanent rrr Centres continue to operate and that records of donated old goods and recyclables are kept.

The rrr centre accept used products including plastic, outdated literature, clothing, and shoes. The "ReThink knowledge hub" will further refurbish, repurpose, or recycle the products through a network of NGOS, Startups, recyclers, or MSMEs. There are now 1,962 rrr centres in 142 ULBs around the State.

"Re Think Day" would be held every saturday in all the ULBs throughout the State, said Municipal and Urban Development minister KT Rama Rao during the opening of the Rethink rrr Centre and Environmental Surveillance Lab on the ASCI campus on Monday. The MAUD Department then issued directives on Tuesday.

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