A tamil teacher was detained in Pokso today (November 24) for sexually harassing schoolgirls near Ariyalur. In addition, the editor-in-chief was arrested for attempting to conceal the occurrence. In the ariyalur district, Kattupringiyam hamlet has a government high school. Arulselvan (35) works as a tamil editor in this village near Udayarpalayam, Pilichukkuzhi. Arulselvan sexually harassed an eighth-grade student at the school yesterday in this case.

The pupil has filed a complaint with Rajeswari, the headmistress (53). Rajeswari then summoned the student and the tamil teacher, telling them not to exaggerate. parents besieged the school today after the event was brought to the attention of the student's parents. Huge number of police were brought to control the situation and amicable talks took place between both the sides.

Arulselvan Pokso and the chief minister Rajeswari, who tried to cover up the occurrence, were arrested and remanded in custody by ariyalur DSP madan and police, who proceeded to the scene to investigate. Arulselvan sexually harassed a 10th grade student at the same school last month, according to the probe. In addition, district Primary education Officer Raman and district Child Protection Officer Duraimurugan were in charge of the school.

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