Police Lathicharge against Protesting Doctors-P3

What is Right to health Bill: Rajasthan will be the first state to grant its 8 crore residents a legal right to health as soon as this bill is approved.

What treatment the doctors are doing, this information has to be given to the patient or his family. The rate and tax of every service will be under the purview of the Right to Information.

A male doctor will be able to do physical test of a female patient- only in the presence of a female.

Even in medico-legal cases, treatment will have to be done without waiting for the police report. Even in an epidemic like Corona, the hospital will have to provide free treatment.

It will be the responsibility of the treating hospital to refer the serious patient to another hospital. Surgery will not be done without the consent of the patient's family.

For violating the Right to health Act, a fine of Rs 10,000 will have to be paid in the first instance and Rs 25,000 in the second instance.

The patient or his family will also not be able to misbehave with the doctors. For this also a provision has been made in the law.

Private doctors and hospitals are protesting for this reason

This is not Right to health, it is Right to Kill Bill, which is being made to kill doctors.

There is no definition of emergency condition in the bill, so all patients will ask for free treatment.

It is not clear who will pay for the ambulance on referral to another hospital in critical condition.

Doctors have not been kept in the authorities constituted for this at the state and district level.

If all the patients will be treated free of cost then how will the private hospitals meet their expenses.

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