"After the DMK came to power, the sectarian activities of Hindutva organizations are increasing day by day in tamil Nadu to the extent that it is doubtful whether it is the DMK or the bjp that is ruling tamil Nadu," said Naam Tamilar party Chief Coordinator Seeman.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, "It is shocking that on the 24th, during the night shift of Nagapattinam district Tirupundi government Hospital, my beloved sister Jannath was threatened not to wear hijab by a local bjp official Bhuvanesh Ram, and demanded that she take off her hijab and started an argument.

Is Nagai district in tamil Nadu? Or is it in Uttar Pradesh? Is DMK ruling tamil Nadu? Or BJP? After the DMK came to power to the extent that it is suspected, the sectarian activities of Hindu organizations in tamil Nadu are increasing day by day. The DMK government's support for the RSS, which does not stop the anti-human activities of the sectarians, but supports them, belongs to the extreme continent.

Food, clothing and worship are basic human rights. To interfere with it is the height of abhorrent human hatred. It is a shame that such acts of religious hatred, which used to happen only in North india and BJP-ruled states, have now started in tamil Nadu as well.

Not wearing hijab is a continuation of DMK government's treachery against Muslims like supporting NIA atrocities in Parliament, filing affidavits in supreme court against the release of long-time Muslim prisoners, allowing RSS Saga classes, pushing to implement BJP's education policy, protecting anti-Muslim films, banning beef. It is the main reason why tamil Nadu has reached the alarmingly worst position. All these pro-Hindu activities show that the DMK government is acting as a proxy government of the BJP.

Apart from that, the violent rampages of the anti-social elements who broke into the government office and killed the government official, entered the government hospital and threatened the government doctor, shows how much law and order has broken down in tamil Nadu. Therefore, on behalf of the tamil Nadu party, I insist that the bjp executive who has acted with bigotry against basic human rights should receive severe punishment for Bhuvaneshram. He said.

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