The new parliament building in delhi has various modern facilities including features to reduce electricity and water consumption. The 20 main features of this building are as follows:
1. Triangular shape

The new parliament building is triangular in shape. The main reason for this is that the land on which this building is located is triangular in shape. According to architect vimal Patel, who designed the building, this shape is a recognition of the sacred geometry of different religions.

2. Construction area

The building has 4 floors and an area of 64,500 square meters. The lok sabha Hall located in it has 888 seats. Can be expanded up to 1,272 seats if needed.

3. Gateways

There are 3 entrances on three sides for the President, Vice President, lok sabha Speaker and Prime Minister. The entrance for the public visiting the parliament will be located near the PTI Building on parliament Road.

4. Environmentally friendly

The building is constructed on the basis of green construction technology. This will reduce electricity consumption by 30 percent compared to the old building. Rainwater harvesting and water treatment systems have been developed. Designed to last for the next 150 years.

5. lok sabha theme

The new lok sabha hall has a peacock theme. Peacock feathers are engraved on its walls and ceiling. The rajya sabha hall is decorated with a lotus theme.

6. Rajya Sabha

There will be a total of 384 seats in the states. The rajya sabha in the old building has only 250 seats. Additional seats have been provided in both the Houses to accommodate the additional members if the constituency is redelineated in the future.

7. Earthquake resistant

As delhi is located in an earthquake prone region, it is built to withstand earthquakes.

8. Constitution Hall

The new building will house the Constitution Hall. There India's democratic journey is documented.

9. Facilities for MPs

There will also be lounges for MPs, a dining hall and a library. The building starts from a central courtyard with a banyan tree.

10. office location

The new building will have 6 new team rooms. There are only 3 rooms in the old building. There will be 92 rooms for ministerial offices.

11. Goods from all over the country

The construction materials used in the interior and exterior of this building were brought from different parts of the country. Sandstone was brought from Charmadura in rajasthan and granite from Lakha village next to Jaisalmar. The wood used is sourced from Nagpur, Maharashtra. The wooden ornaments were made under the leadership of artisans from Mumbai.

12. Statue of Gandhi

A 16 feet tall bronze statue of gandhi was installed near the main entrance of the parliament complex in 1993. In front of this statue, the opposition MPs used to protest from time to time. The statue has now been relocated and installed between the New and Old parliament Houses.

13. National symbol

On the roof of the new parliament Building is the National Emblem consisting of bronze lions weighing 9,500 kg and 6.5 meters tall. Ashoka Chakra and Satyameva Jayade are engraved on the entrance gate.

14. Cost of building

The cost of the new building is said to be Rs 971 crore. When the building is completed, this cost will increase to Rs 1,200 crore, officials said.

15. Golden Scepter

The scepter was handed over to jawaharlal nehru to mark the handover of power from the british when the country became independent. Adheenam from tamil Nadu presented this. This scepter is installed in the new building near the lok sabha Speaker's seat.

16. Recognition of workers

A hall has been set up to commemorate the contribution of the 60,000 workers involved in the construction of this building.

17. wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital world

The new building is built with environmental protection in mind. Hence, all those activities will be digitized. Tablets, iPads will be used instead of papers.

18. Galleries

Textiles, pottery from all states will be showcased through a gallery called 'Shilp'. The 'Sthapadhya' gallery will showcase souvenirs from various states.

19. Vastu Shastra

Statues of auspicious animals, including horses and eagles, will be displayed at all entrances based on indian cultural and architectural significance.

20. From entertainment…

The 9.5-acre site opposite the old parliament building was originally earmarked by the delhi Metropolitan Development Authority for a recreational park. Then march 20

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