Reportedly the court remanded the police till september 23

5 crore to give bjp mla ticket. 6 persons, including Chaitra Kundapur, who cheated, have been handed over to the police till september 23. 5 crores from a businessman to give bjp ticket from Byndur assembly Constituency. Five people, including Chaitra Kundapur, who cheated by getting money, were submitted to the court. In front of the judge, Chaitra was in tears saying that the police caught me and dragged me in front of the judge. The judge who inquired about this was handed over to the police for 10 days (September 23).

Udupi businessman Govinda Pujari was given Rs 5 crore in the belief that he would give bjp ticket from Byndur assembly constituency in karnataka assembly election 2023. Received money. Step by step they cheated them in different ways and misled them. Later, the businessman complained that he was cheated because he did not get a bjp ticket during the election. A complaint has been filed that a total of 10 people including Chaitra Kundapur are involved in this fraud network. Last night, Chaitra Kundapur was arrested in a cinematic attack on Shrikrishna Mutt in Udupi. After this, the police arrested 6 fraudsters and produced them before the court. Chaitra Kundapur shed tears in front of the judge: When Chaitra Kundapur was interrogated after being brought to the court, she stood at the court gate and cried in front of the judge saying that the police dragged her and hurt her. He said that there was trouble from the Udupi police. ACP of Udupi police station reena Suvarna said that when the police were questioned about this, the way the accused said did not cause any trouble. It is said that all the video about the arrest has been made. Besides, ACP reena Suvarna has informed the court that a medical report has also been made.

Chaitra, who has made many complaints against the police: The police who took me into custody in Udupi did not give any information to our family members. I gave the phone number of the family members to the police but they did not call. Udupi police have given trouble. But, after I was brought to Bangalore, the Bangalore police did not give me any trouble. Also, who complained about me? No information was given about the details of the complaint. Chaitra burst into tears saying that after the police took her into custody, she was not even allowed to talk to her mother. court remanded to police custody for 10 days: No matter how much Chaitra Kundapur shed tears in front of the judge in the court, the CCB officials requested that 6 accused, including Chaitra, be handed over to the police for 14 days in view of the allegations of large-scale fraud. On the request of the CCB police, the court that inquired into the matter issued an order to take all the arrested accused into police custody for 10 days (until september 23).

Accused who appeared in court:

Chaitra Kundapur,





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