Political tussle continues among the political parties regarding the assembly elections in five states of the

country and then the lok sabha elections in 2024. Meanwhile, the news is that in the hyderabad meeting of

Congress (Congress) CWC, some leaders have opposed the alliance with AAP (AAP). According to the news

agency report, party leaders have said that if it is not possible then the discussion on seat sharing should be

postponed at least till November.

In fact, some congress leaders, expressing confidence that the party will perform better in the upcoming

assembly elections in five states, urged to postpone the talks on seat sharing for the 2024 lok sabha elections

with the india (I.N.D.I.A.) alliance partners till November. Is. So that by then the position of the party

becomes stronger.

Haste in seat distribution is not right

The alliance with AAP has been opposed by some leaders of those states where congress is in direct

competition with the allies of 'Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance'. This appeal has been made

at a time when the top leadership of the party has emphasized on strengthening the congress along with the

opposition alliance. According to information received from sources, during the two-day meeting of the

Congress Working Committee, many leaders supported the appeal to strengthen the congress organization

and the opposition 'India' alliance, but at the same time they said that the party should work with like-minded

parties. There should be no haste in making arrangements for seat distribution.

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