Former deputy chief minister of rajasthan sachin pilot on wednesday targeted PM Modi’s central

government and said that it is an old habit of bjp to leave excuses to mislead people. sachin pilot said that

there was a consensus among all parties on the Women’s Reservation Bill, but the Center played a game of

hide and seek on this issue and maintained a secret. If all parties have a common opinion on the Women’s

Reservation Bill, then why was this game of hide and seek played?

While talking to reporters in Tonk district of the state, sachin pilot said, Such threats are made to divert

People’s attention. If a special session was called, it should have been told first why it was being called, an all-

party meeting would have taken place. It is an old habit of bjp to make secret announcements at night and

keep it a secret, call special sessions and leave such slips.

bjp is issueless

The congress leader said, We talk about the issue. Of development, of youth, of inflation. bjp cannot discuss

those issues. Because the report card of the central government is blank and bjp is issueless in rajasthan also.

Going among the people just to gain power. Raising questions on the need for amendment in the Women’s

Reservation Bill, he said that if the Centre’s intentions were clear, it would have got the bill brought by the

UPA government passed in the Rajya Sabha. What was the need for amendment in this?

sachin pilot said that the bill which we had earlier got passed in the Rajya Sabha, should have been passed.

Now it will be 6-7 years ahead, first census will be done, delimitation will be done and then reservation will be

implemented. So doing this so early? Just wanted to earn applause. The Tonk mla further said that if the

government’s intentions were really clear and they wanted to implement it, they could have done so now, what

was the hindrance in this? But they all do one thing and have something else in mind.

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