This Bucket pain has increased for Pawan Kalyan..!?

It is known that Janasena's pawan kalyan has announced that he will contest with tdp in the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh. It is known that Janasena's pawan kalyan has announced that he will contest with tdp in the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan also said that he is in the nda and wants the bjp to come together with them. He revealed that he would go to delhi and talk to the bjp leaders about the alliance. On the other hand, Jana Sena will contest alone in Telangana. It has announced that it will contest a total of 32 assembly seats. Meanwhile, in the last assembly elections, Jana Sena got almost 6 percent votes in Andhra Pradesh. rajolu won only one assembly seat in east godavari district. party leader Pawan contested in two places and was defeated. For a party to be recognized, a minimum of 8 percent votes is required to be recognized by the Central election commission as a recognized party. Or win at least two assembly seats. But the janasena could not meet these two criteria. The Jana Sena lost its recognition as a recognized party as it could not achieve the percentage of votes set by the Central election Commission. Only as a registered party. As a result, the Central election commission has removed the Jana Sena party's symbol from the glass. adds it to the list of unassigned free symbols. But a few days ago, the election commission allotted a glass symbol to the Jana Sena party. janasena leaders were happy with this. leader pawan kalyan also thanked the Central election Commission. ec Allotted Glass Symbol To janasena In telangana In 32 Seats Contested. Elsewhere, the symbol will be allotted to any independent candidates if they want. On the other hand, another party has entered the arena in the name of National Jana Sena. The Central election commission has assigned a bucket symbol to this. It is almost reminiscent of the janasena symbol of glass. The ec has allotted the ec bucket mark to the National Jana Sena to contest in all 119 assembly segments in Telangana. The party leaders are scratching their heads as the bucket symbol resembles the Jana Sena party symbol and the name of the party also resembles the Jana Sena party. In this way, voters got confused during the elections and put the vehicle symbol on top of the vehicle symbol, which was similar to the car symbol of the BRS party. As a result, thousands of votes were lost to the candidates who contested with the vehicle symbol. To that extent, the majority of BRS candidates have been reduced. With this, the party leaders wrote a letter to the Central election Commission. They requested not to assign symbols similar to their party symbol to others. Currently a registered political party, janasena hopes to become a recognized political party in the next elections. That means 8 percent votes are required. But someone entered the arena with the National Jana Sena party to damage the Jana Sena Party. Moreover, it is noteworthy that the Jana Sena party has adopted a symbol similar to the bucket. Due to the lack of recognition of janasena in telangana, political analysts are of the view that even if there is no loss if any other party or candidates are allotted bucket marks in Andhra Pradesh, it will become a big headache for Janasena.

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