On Sunday, teachers and staff protested in front of pragathi Bhavan, calling for the promised rapid "spouse transfers." For the demonstration, many ladies from various neighbourhoods were held in detention until 9.30 p.m. "We left the kids at home and don't have a means to get back at this hour. My child is ill. We have been treated so inhumanely, and I came here to fight for a cause. There is no water or a toilet here. Is this how women are treated here?" a protester questioned.

Another protester declared that they would not give up until Sabitha indra Reddy, the minister of education, put an end to their "torture." The government, according to the protesters, has split up more than 80,000 couples by assigning them to other regions, leaving them unable to take care of their children, parents, or family. "Leader after leader has made several empty pledges to carry out spouse transfers. They have purposefully done nothing to remove the High Court's stay order, according to instructor Harinakshi P.

Telangana State United teachers Federation (TSUTF) general secretary Chava ravi stated, "It's regrettable that these teachers and staff have been making repeated petitions to the administration for the previous two years but have been disregarded. Even though there are 22,000 open teaching positions, only 5,089 of them have been notified to the DSC. Why can't the teachers be moved to fill the open positions?

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