On Monday, some 350 contract nurses from the gandhi hospital protested the GO 1134-reduced salary on the hospital's premises. Staff nurses claim that during the Covid time, the government raised the compensation for outsourced nurses from Rs 25, 140 to Rs 32, 682 and that it has now changed back to the prior pay structure through the GO. Along with the 30% pay increase that had been promised during the Covid era, the demonstrators wanted higher salaries.

They will have a significant financial loss as a result of the wage drop, according to A. Dhanalalakshmi, a contractual nurse who has worked at gandhi Hospital for 16 years. For the previous four months, many of them were paid nothing. She said that those who did received the decreased amounts. According to telangana Frontline Warriors Association President venkatesh Nayak, "Covid enhanced us salary. However, the government reversed course and cut the wage in accordance with GO 1134. We are asking for a 30% pay increase through the Pay Revision Commission, which is already much less than what ordinary staff nurses receive.

In line with the pledge made by the chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao during the Covid epidemic, they also called for the regularisation of services. R. Sangeeta, a different staff nurse, claimed that after putting their own lives at danger during the epidemic, they are now being mistreated. The staff nurses said that they will meet with health minister T. harish rao to demand that their requests be met; if not, they threatened to organise a statewide demonstration.

The strike had no impact on hospital services. According to Dr. M. raja Rao, the superintendent of gandhi Hospital, normal staff nurses' leaves had been cancelled to cover for the absence of contract employees. Also called to serve were BSc nursing students.

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