BRS General Secretary Bandi Ramesh met tdp chief Chandrababu's wife bhuvaneshwari and brahmani on Tuesday. BRS State General Secretary Bandi Ramesh bhuvaneshwari met with brahmani at the lokesh Camp office in Rajahmundry. Chandrababu's arrest and the subsequent developments were discussed. Later he spoke to the media. He said that he had come to express solidarity with bhubaneswar and Brahmin. He said that Chandrababu is a man of efficiency. Chandrababu has laid down his life for telugu people. Bandi Ramesh said that dharnas are being held in telugu states in support of Chandrababu. Bandi Ramesh expressed confidence that Chandrababu will come out like a washed pearl. It is known that ktr announced today that if his party leaders react to Chandrababu's arrest, it will be their personal matter. Several BRS leaders are making statements on Chandrababu's arrest. Chandrababu is condemning the arrest. However, ktr gave reasons for not giving permission to the rally of IT employees in hyderabad to protest Chandrababu's arrest. He said that the rally was not allowed for the purpose of maintaining peace and security. ktr mentioned that if one does a rally, there is a possibility of doing another rally in competition with them. ktr claimed that lokesh asked him through a friend why permission was not given for the rallies.

AP CID officials arrested Chandrababu on 9th of this month in ap Skill Development case. acb court remanded Chandrababu in this case. The acb court remanded Chandrababu till october 5 this year. A lokesh camp office was set up near rajahmundry Central Jail.. nara bhuvaneshwari and brahmani are staying in this office.

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