On june 20, prime minister Narendra Modi reached America on his first state visit. He was invited by US

President Joe Biden on this visit and it has special significance. During this visit, a debate has erupted among

many analysts regarding the relationship between india and America. It was said that india and America were

never so close.

Jeff M. Smith, director of the Asian Study Center at the think tank. The heritage Foundation, in a statement

given to the American newspaper, while talking about the relations between the two countries, said, Compared

to America’s other strategic allies, the relationship between india and America is better. There is very little

conflict of values. india and America are more democratic and geopolitically more important than many

traditional partners. Meanwhile, Indo Pacific analyst Derek Grossman said in a statement to the English

newspaper, How good the relations between india and America can be gauged from the fact that America

welcomes every ally of its allies with state dinners and joint congresses. Gives a chance to address the session.

He further said that America has higher expectations from india than its other allies.

Due to increasing proximity to America

In the last one and a half years, the prime minister and Foreign minister of india have visited America several

times. These tours are being viewed from many perspectives. Some experts believe that in the last few years,

India has become closer to America and away from Russia. So some say that America is trying to strengthen

India against China. Political experts also believe that one of the reasons for the closeness of the two countries

could be that America wants to sell arms to india and has its eyes on India's huge market. Solid arguments are

being given behind these three things.

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