In the month of June, India’s Foreign minister S jaishankar had answered this question in an interview given to

The Economist. He had said that India’s relationship with russia is the result of 60 years of history and it is not

possible that things will change in one fell swoop.

He said that the American administration and leadership also understands their relationship with Russia. They

know that America had decided not to sell arms to india after 1965, after which we had to take arms from the

Soviet Union. india was left with no other option. jaishankar said, india wants to have all the options and

choose the best one for itself. It is not wrong to say that after the ukraine war, russia is more interested in

doing business with Asia than with the West. Cooperation between india and russia will definitely increase.

But amidst all this, the partnership between india and America will also become stronger. So india will not

move in any one direction.

Due to the increasing power of china, india is moving towards America.

In an interview given to india Today, Indian-American journalist Fareed Zakaria says, India's move closer to

America is not a surprising step considering the pace with which china has increased its aggression on the

border in the last few years. Although the relations between india and russia are very old and deep, but India

cannot face china on the basis of Russia. It should also not be forgotten that after the war in ukraine, Moscow

has become a junior partner of Beijing. Now china can bend russia according to its own will.

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