After the government’s action to ban Halal products, the Food Department in kanpur has come into action. The

Food Department has conducted raids in the store of a renowned company located in Z Square Mall, Kanpur. At

the same time, All india Muslim Personal Law Board is preparing to oppose the ban on Halal certificate.

AIMPLB founding member Mohammad Suleman said that the ban on Halal products is against fundamental

rights. Mohammad Suleman says that the government has banned Halal products due to Islamophobia. He has

described this action of banning Halal products as completely politically motivated. He says that this decision of

the government will be challenged in the High Court. He said that after the ban on Halala products, the All India

Muslim Personal Law Board will now appeal in the High Court.

Protest against ban on Halal products

Mohammad Suleman, member of the Muslim Personal Law Board in kanpur, has responded to the issue of

writing Halal product. He has opposed the ban on it by the government. Suleman also said that there is a ban on

writing Halal on products in the country, but exporters have been given the freedom to write Halal on the

products. In such a situation, if we talk about terror funding, those who export the product can take advantage of

it, but banning the writing of Halal on the things which are sold within the country is a very irresponsible


Government will not suffer loss from Halal products

Mohammad Suleman said that according to the constitution in foreign countries, everyone has the freedom to

decide what to eat and what to wear. Despite this, it is not right to make such decisions and ban food items by

making them a subject. Along with this, there will be no loss of any kind to the state government and the central

government due to Halal being written on any product. Yet, by creating such propaganda, the issue of writing

Halal has been raised without any reason.

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