The election results of 4 states including madhya pradesh and rajasthan have created a lot of panic in the

Congress organization. congress has been completely wiped out in 3 states of the hindi belt. The party’s

reputation has definitely been saved in southern Telangana. Here congress has defeated the ruling BRS.

According to the new equation, congress will now have power in 3 states. These include the hill state of

Himachal and the South indian states of karnataka and Telangana. karnataka and telangana are very important

for the party in terms of budget and resources.

Due to the formation of governments in karnataka and telangana, the discussion about the emergence of new

power centers within the party has intensified. The discussion is also about Karnataka’s deputy cm DK

Shivakumar, who has played an important role in forming the government in telangana after Karnataka. There is

discussion about Shivkumar also because the party won in karnataka when he was the state president, but he was

not made the Chief Minister. On the contrary, in telangana, State President revanth reddy is leading in the race

for Chief Minister. There is hardly any opposition within the party in his name.

Let's talk about the power center of congress first.

Even though mallikarjun Kharge is the president within the congress, the power center is still with the Gandhi

family and those close to rahul Gandhi. The leaders of 2000 batch have considerable influence in the national

organization. Organization General Secretary KC Venugopal and Treasurer ajay Maken are the leaders of this

batch. Organization General Secretary KC Venugopal has been holding the post of Organization General

Secretary of congress for the last 5 years, calling the udaipur Declaration a hoax. In the congress Constitution,

this post is considered the most important after the President.General Secretary of 2 states randeep surjewala and

General Secretary Bhanwar jitendra singh also come from this group. At the state level, old leaders still dominate

the organization. Most of these leaders have been effective since the time of Indira. The fight between old and

new leaders has created problems for Congress. Due to the laxity of the congress high command (where most of

the 2000 batch leaders are from), the party has lost power in Haryana, rajasthan, madhya pradesh and


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