Assembly and parliament elections of andhra pradesh on May 13 have also been completed. The results will be declared on june 4. In this background, many surveys are also showing the results till now. In particular, some surveys indicate that the alliance will come, while others indicate that the ycp party will come. As a part of this, it seems that betting is also going on heavily. It is noteworthy that many surveys also say that jagan will come to power.

Similarly, some surveys say that Chandrababu is certain to come to power. Recently, another survey seems to create confusion in the alliance. According to the latest india Today, the coming party in Andhra is the ycp party, especially the women who provided five-year welfare schemes unilaterally supported Jagan's party. He said that the rifts between TDP, janasena and bjp will damage the alliance. In particular, Jagan's preparatory meetings have brought crores of people closer to the party. Also, india Today has revealed that the alliance has also been weakened due to social media engineering.

According to another survey FBS exit poll survey.. YSRCP party will get 112-143 seats while alliance will get 32 to 63 seats. The related twitter is also becoming viral on social media. In ycp, this matter is not causing happiness but it is causing fear in the alliance. The voting results will also be announced on june 4. Currently, politics is also heating up a lot in Andhra Pradesh.. especially in some areas it is creating a war atmosphere. Due to this, people are also panicking in some places.

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