Popular film actress Roja entered politics and became very successful there as well. Last time he was successful in contesting from nagari as a ycp mla candidate. In fact, winning for her is like walking on black. If you ask what it is, there is no one who can say that she is a strong opponent in Nagari. This time tdp candidate Gali bhanu Prakash entered the field to win against her. bhanu Prakash, son of Gali Muddu krishna Naidu, is new to politics. He is not very popular in this constituency.

Roja was appointed as the minister of Tourism, culture and youth Development of andhra pradesh on 11 april 2022. In 2004, she contested from nagari as a tdp candidate and lost. In 2009, he contested from chandragiri as a candidate of the same party. Even then he lost and then joined ycp in 2014 contested against Muddukrishnamanaidu from nagari Constituency. Vijaya Bauta defeated him by a narrow margin of votes. In 2019, his son bhanu won by 2708 votes against Prakash. Now he has won over again. Winning twice in a row has erased the iron league stamp on her. She also got the title of Golden League.

She said that she will be offered posts like Rajya Sabha, but she tried hard to contest as an mla and get a good name among the people. He fought very hard and showed his ability to win as mla twice. After joining ycp, Peddireddy undermined Roja but she was very patient and managed to win his affection. He was able to grow in the party with his blessings. She could easily face those who opposed her in her own party.

And in nagari Constituency, the government machinery was functioning well. Care was taken not to get into any controversy. But the people under the MLAs are doing a bit of begging and it's going to be something like a danda and the same happened in case of Roja. Gali family has no real sympathy in nagari constituency. people are not even interested in voting for them. But the tdp people say that Roja's defeat is certain because of the rift within the party and the efforts of Roja's husband and brothers. Let's see what happens in the end.

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