Government alert after rise in wheat prices…

The central government has come into action on the rise in the prices of wheat and flour. The government is keeping a close eye on the prices of wheat in the market. Along with this, the government is constantly intervening in the market to prevent wheat hoarding and to keep the prices stable. The ministry said that there has been no reduction in the fixed limit of buffer stock in any quarter, and the government also ruled out the possibility of change in the duty structure on wheat imports.

Government alert on rise in wheat prices

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Food Supply has issued a press release and said that the Department of Food and Public Distribution under it is keeping an eye on the prices of wheat in the market. Apart from this, the department has also made necessary interventions to control the prices. The ministry has clearly said that hoarding of wheat will not be allowed every year and work will be done towards keeping the prices stable.

Government claims, sufficient stock of wheat is available

The ministry said that in the 2024 Rabi marketing season, the department has reported the production of 112 million tonnes of wheat. Food Corporation of india has procured 266 lakh metric tonnes of wheat in the current Rabi marketing season till june 11, 2024. After meeting the requirements of 184 lakh metric tonnes of wheat under PDS and other welfare schemes, sufficient stock of wheat will be available so that if needed, intervention can be made to control the prices in the market.

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