'Rajputs will get respect before 2025 elections'!!!

The lok sabha elections are over and 8 ministers from bihar have been made in the central government. On the basis of caste, two Bhumihars, one Brahmin, two extremely backward, one backward and two Dalits were made ministers in the upper caste, but Rajput caste was not given a place in the cabinet. On this, Neeraj Bablu, a minister from bjp quota of bihar government, has given his measured response on thursday (13 June), he said that Rajputs do not want position but respect.

'Rajput people need not be disappointed'

Minister Neeraj Bablu said that it is true that Rajput has not been made a minister, but all castes get respect in bjp and Rajputs get respect only in BJP. Rajput will get respect before the 2025 elections, but will Rajput be sent to the vacant rajya sabha member. On this, he said that this will be decided by the central leadership. Rajput will definitely get good things. Rajput people need not be disappointed.

Although bjp minister Neeraj Bablu may have avoided the issue by saying that Rajput people need not be disappointed, but it cannot be denied that a section of Rajputs is angry somewhere. Recently, bihar Nyay Manch founder and social activist Pawan Rathore had also sharply criticized the Union cabinet for not including any Rajput mp from bihar in the cabinet. He had said that prime minister Narendra Modi should explain why such behavior and deception is being done with the Rajput community in Bihar?

Rajputs can be made rajya sabha MPs

Let us tell you that rajya sabha mp vivek Thakur won the election from lok sabha Nawada lok sabha constituency, who was a rajya sabha mp and became a rajya sabha mp in 2020, his term is still left for 2 years, in such a situation by-elections are to be held. No person from the Rajput community has been made a minister, in such a situation there is a discussion that definitely a Rajput can be sent to the rajya sabha from the caste. bjp will definitely compensate for this.

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