Revanth's new astra... is KCR's party going to be empty?

The situation of the Rose party in telangana state has become worse. The tension of which leader will go to which party if he wakes up early is visible in Roosa boss Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar. At this moment, Nana is struggling to save the party. After KCR, who ruled for ten years, lost in the assembly elections yesterday, some opportunistic politicians are leaving him and joining other parties.

Power should stay where it is... they are moving forward. But according to this, revanth reddy also seems to have brought a new weapon to the screen to hit the Rose Party. It seems that the station is going to use Ghanpur mla Kadiam srihari for that. Currently, revanth Reddy's government, which is strong in the telangana Assembly... but in the telangana Council... is very weak. Almost 90 percent... have pink members.

But revanth Reddy made a sketch to bring the MLCs in the joint warangal district into the congress party. revanth said that since mla Kadiam srihari was in the telugu Desam party, he has been using Kadiam srihari to bring leaders like MLC Satyavathy Rathore and Takkalapalli Ravinder into their party. Talks have already been held with Kadiam srihari for that. He also got down on the ground and started hunting for the MLC. 

Moreover, Kadiam srihari is also holding talks with MLCs Basavaraju Saraiya and Banda Prakash in the joint warangal district. But those who tried to negotiate with former Speaker Madhusudanachari and Pochampally srinivas have made it clear that they will remain in the Rose Party. With this, Kadiam srihari is holding talks with leaders who are interested in joining the Congress. Clarity will come soon.

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