World Cup series..! ICC, bcci gave a twist at the last moment!?

 While the opening ceremony for the ICC cricket world cup was said to be held in ahmedabad, there was no opening ceremony at the last minute. The ICC cricket world cup will be held in india for the 4th time. The schedule for this was published at the end of July. League matches will be held from october 5th to november 19th. It has been decided to hold a total of 45 league matches in 10 stadiums. India-Pakistan teams are going to clash on october 14th. As Per Sources No Opening Ceremony for the world cup 2023. ahmedabad Stadium has been given a lot of importance in this world cup series. england - new zealand teams are playing in the first match of the world cup series starting on october 5. The match will be held at the ahmedabad Stadium. Likewise, the match between england and australia will be played on november 4, the South Africa-Afghanistan match on november 10 and the final on november 19 will be held at the ahmedabad stadium.Meanwhile, the opening ceremony of the world cup series is said to be held grandly at the ahmedabad stadium. It was said that bcci is making the arrangements and 10 teams and captains are going to participate. Apart from that, it has been reported that bcci and ICC have jointly decided to call the opening ceremony "Captain's Day". In this situation, it has suddenly been reported that there is no opening ceremony for the ICC world cup cricket series. With only a few days left for the ICC cricket world cup, the last-minute news that there will be no opening ceremony has come as a shock to the fans.

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