Future of indian team in ICC series..? Major problem?

In this compilation, you can learn about the major problems that the indian cricket team will face in the upcoming ICC series. For the indian cricket team in the upcoming ICC series, its batting has become a big problem.

Broken hearts of fans:
Amid huge expectations, the india vs australia world cup final was held at the narendra modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. In this, the Australian team reached the target set by the indian team in the 43rd over and lifted the world cup for the 6th time. With this, the expectation of the indian fans that they would avenge Australia's defeat in the final in 2003 was completely shattered. Along with that, the longing for not being able to win any ICC trophy after 2013 continues.
Upcoming ICC Series:
By the time the world cup is considered over, announcements for subsequent years' ICC series have already been made. t20 world cup in 2024, Champions Trophy in 2025, 10th t20 world cup in 2026, and ODI world cup again in 2027 are in the pipeline. Various teams have already started preparations to win these trophies.

What is required to win the ICC series?
ICC series involving international teams are more challenging than the two-team clash and tri-series. To win these trophies, the team needs not only some basic features but also some surprising ones. The essential factors are young players who play especially aggressively, experienced players who do what the team needs depending on the situation, and a captain who understands and guides these two sides. The role of captain is very important in a team. It is the captain who determines how a player should perform. For that, the captain needs to have experience and a complete understanding of the player. The perfect example of this is the indian team that won the world cup in 2011.

Who will fill kohli & Rohit's place?

Kohli and Rohit are the batting pillars of the indian team in the current environment. Their experience has helped the team in many places even in the current World Cup. Both have crossed the age of 35 and are yet to feature in the t20 squad. Due to this, it is said that it is doubtful that they will play in the t20 world cup to be held next year. Due to the failure of the world cup and old age, the chances of them participating in the Champions Trophy in 2025 are also less. So, filling the void created by the retirement of kohli and Rohit, who are not only action batting, but also experienced, could become a huge challenge for the indian team. In bowling, shami and all-rounder Jadejawan will be put in a similar position.

Where is the experience?

Only kohli, Rohit, Jadeja, and shami are the most experienced players in the indian team in the current environment. All other players have played less than 100 matches each in the ODI and t20 categories. Thus, if the above-mentioned players retire perhaps in quick succession, there is a situation where india will be without an experienced player to lead the team in a difficult situation.

Who is the captain?
India won the ODI world cup in 2011 under Dhoni's leadership after 28 years. After that, despite the efforts of three experienced captains, Dhoni, kohli and rohit sharma, the indian team failed in 3 ODI world cup matches. This raises the question of who will be the captain who will lead the indian team in the next World Cup. The reason is that rohit sharma is said to be the captain for all 3 formats. The indian team is playing under the leadership of many captains like Rahul, Bumrah, Suryakumar Yadav, Rudhuraj, and rishabh Pant. Playing under captains with such different styles, the players may struggle to deliver consistent performances. Therefore, the question is who will be the one captain who will be able to coordinate and lead all the players in the playing eleven in 2027?

Any chance of winning the trophy in 2027?
As a fan of the indian cricket team, I expect that india will win the cup in 2027. However, the potential components are difficult. After 1983, it took 28 years for the indian team to get a dynamic captain to lead them, a playing XI with a mix of experience and action. But, a similar playing eleven and captain were formed for india in the 2023 world cup after a gap of 12 years. Despite that, the indian team could not win the trophy. In this case, if kohli, Rohit, Jadeja, and shami retire, this is to fill their place.

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