Do delhi Capitals have a chance to qualify for the IPL 2024 playoffs?

Delhi Capitals have won 2 of the 6 matches they have played and need to win at least 5 of the remaining 8 matches to have a chance at the playoffs.

The IPL cricket festival is in full swing. In last year's IPL festival, delhi Capitals won only one of the first six matches they played. But eventually ended up winning 5 matches. Can they get more wins this season and make the playoffs after 3 years? Let's see about that.

Delhi Capitals, IPL 2024

In the current year's IPL cricket series, delhi Capitals have won only one match and are at the bottom of the points table. Yesterday, delhi Capitals won the match against lucknow by 6 wickets and moved up to the 9th position in the points table.

Delhi Capitals

Now the question is, will delhi Capitals, who have won 2 out of 6 matches and are ranked 9th, make it to the IPL playoffs this year? That is.

Delhi Capitals PlayOffs

However, delhi Capitals need to win at least 5 of the remaining 8 matches to qualify for the playoffs. However, the top 4 teams who went to the playoffs last season had 20, 17, 17, and 16 points respectively. If the same happens this season too, delhi Capitals should have won 6 matches.

Kuldeep Yadav, delhi Capitals PlayOffs

In the last IPL 2021 series, KKR won 7 matches and entered the play-off round with 14 points. If the delhi team is lucky, they will win all the next 4 matches and be in the race for the play-off round.

Those 4 matches are respectively gujarat Titans (Ahmedabad), Sunrisers hyderabad (Delhi), gujarat Titans (Delhi), and mumbai Indians (Delhi) in one away match and 3 matches at home ground.

Delhi Capitals, IPL 2024 PlayOffs

Delhi have already won the match against chennai at their home ground (Visaagapatnam). Similarly, it is expected to win the first 4 matches from now on.

Delhi Capitals Play-Off

A win like that will make the delhi Capitals' playoff chances easier. A win in 2 of the remaining 4 matches is enough. Winning 3 or 4 matches is double the happiness. The playoff will be done majestically

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