One of the forthcoming telugu movies with good buzz is Sita Ramam. dulquer salmaan and Mrunal Thakur play the key roles in the Hanu Raghavapudi-directed movie. Tomorrow is the big international release for the movie. But there seems to be a barrier preventing the movie from opening in the gulf nations.

In the gulf nations, the censor board is extremely strict. The board disputes that the movie's religious content was censored. According to sources, Sita Ramam has scenes that discuss religion, and the censor board rejected the movie. Any movie that contains scenes that would offend the nation's citizens' religious sensibilities is not acceptable. Sources close to the film unit, however, claim that the producers are reapplying for the censor.

The movie won't be released in nations including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the uae if it is once more rejected. The decision to stop the film's release may cost the distributors significantly because dulquer salmaan has a sizable following in the gulf nations. The movie is being financed by vyjayanthi Movies. At the box office, Kichcha Sudeep's movie has been doing exceptionally well. The telugu movie is doing well at the box office even a week after its release, and it has allegedly surpassed the Rs 100 cr milestone. Although the creators have not yet released the official numbers, numerous reports claim that the 3D version is performing well and is the main driver of sales.

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