Salman Khan is not scared of death threat from gangsters...

Salman Khan is in headlines these days for some other reason apart from films. salman Khan's life is being said to be in danger. The actor is being constantly threatened. Last saturday afternoon, an open challenge was given to kill dabangg Khan through e-mail (Salman Khan Receives Threat Mail). Since then the security of the actor has been increased. There is a police guard outside salman Khan's house. Everything is being closely monitored. Amidst all this, now the actor's reaction has come to the fore.

Regarding the matter, a close friend of salman khan says that the actor is not afraid of these threats. According to the Times of india report, salman Khan's close friend told, 'Bhaijaan is taking these things in a very normal way. He is also acting not to care about all these things so that his parents don't get hurt. Not only this, along with the actor, no member of the family is showing any fear or discomfort on face. salman Khan's father Salim Khan is looking very calm but the whole family knows that he has sleepless nights worrying about his son.

How did the matter escalate?

For the last few days, an interview of gangster lawrence Bishnoi is making a lot of headlines. During the interview given to ABP news from inside the jail, gangster lawrence Bishnoi has openly talked about becoming a goon by killing salman Khan. The gangster says that he is going to carry out this incident very soon. At the same time, now an FIR has been registered against gangsters lawrence Bishnoi, Goldie Brar and Rohit Brar after the actor received a threatening mail on Saturday. The police is in no mood to be lax in this whole matter.

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