Shraddha Das is appearing in movies and web series and is always in touch with her fans through social media. Shares things related to personal life along with professional life. Especially Deep has been dropping glamorous photos and occasional videos on her instagram and twitter accounts, stealing the hearts of guys.

But recently shraddha das shared some photos on Instagram. She looked beautiful in an orange color short dress. The little trendy which was visible and then dressed in an orange color coat was agitated. Along with showing cleavage, thighs are showing off their beauty. She wore violet-colored pencil heels and posed for photos. While looking cute, hot beauties are going to dry.

Netizens who have seen these photos are commenting on a large scale. With a very deep cleavage show, it gave the boys a chance to drool. She took pictures as if to measure the heights and depths. shraddha das captioned this photo as Dhee 15. While shraddha das has 2.8 million followers on instagram alone, she has shared 2754 posts so far.

Apart from acting, this lady is improving her beauty day by day. This beauty looks beautiful in a saree, bikini, western, two piece, or whatever. Why are the movie makers not treating shraddha das who is suitable for heroine material?

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