Even though she has done many films, the successes achieved are few. urvashi rautela is the foremost among the glamor heroines who are seen in the news and who describe the beauty of Bollywood. Her manner, speech and all are special. As if these were not enough, her tweets are not all the fuss. If all this is like this, now her expenses are becoming a hot topic.

She spent Rs. 93 lakhs on her birthday celebrations recently. The price of the night dress she wore when she arrived at the hyderabad airport is now making everyone shocked. Without any special features, the cost of a plain night dress is up to Rupees 91 thousand.

Recently, not only everyone is talking about the savings of sara ali Khan, the daughter of the famous bollywood actor Saif ali Khan. It is known that her mother Kamm expressed her anger about the expenditure of yesteryear bollywood heroine amrita singh for a towel. Everyone agrees with Sara's words that there is no point in spending Rs.1600 for a towel.

At the same time, urvashi is shocked that she spent Rs. 91 thousand for a simple night dress. Would you spend a lakh of rupees for such a simple dress? You are not normal. netizens are commenting in a range saying that you are a rich madam. Spending is not wrong. Forgetting to account for it, how many more pictures will urvashi show in the coming days?

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